Qigong (Chi Kung) the Practice of Chi (Qi) Enhancement

Basically, Qigong (Chi Kung) is the practice of building an individual's  Chi (Qi) vital energy or life force power with gentle motions that integrated breath, movement and mind. Qigong practices are one of the simplest methods to improve our Chi and better the quality of a person's existence. A half hour each day of Qigong training on a consistence basis is all it takes to realize its rewards. Integrating Qigong into our every day life will render us with a fresh enthusiasm for life and a time-honored technique to discover a more healthful existence.

There are numerous assorted forms of Qigong and literally thousands of various Qigong movements. Nevertheless, many Qigong practices are founded on the these three ingredients: 1) a particular method of breathing, 2) a special posture or movements combined with the breathing method, and 3) a mental image related to both breathing method and movements. As a person can see, an individual's Chi is cultivated partly from the substance of the air we breath. Using Qigong we can build up Chi efficiently, and store it effectively, and flow the Chi life force energy smoothly. Plus, we can spread our Chi to specific areas or organs in the body to provide those places healing, and restorative energy.

In this present-day, the production of Chi, life force or vital energy and the improvement of this ability, with the consolidation of self-discipline, treatment and correct nutritional habits into a person's lifestyle, Qigong teaches us to focus on enhancing health, sickness can be prevented and an lengthy life of ideal wellness and happiness is attainable.

What I discover is that by sticking to the philosophies, is what is required for a person to become proficient with Qigong and energy mastery. An individual may believe that it can be done quickly, or even within a couple of years, but this isn't true. We have to change many of the postures and normal everyday habits or patterns because the body is programmed to move in a way that waste energy, plus we have to learn to incorporate the breathing with it. Then transform our thinking and mental imagines.
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